A 112-page catalog covering Lenz’s range of hydraulic filters & strainers, hydraulic tank accessories and pressure gauges.

This is current 2014 price List for Fluid Power Products. This price list includes filtration, strainer, tank accessory, pressure gauge and instrumentation products. The price list was effective May 1, 2014 and supersedes FPA-213.

A 36-page catalog covering 37 degree tube fittings as well as nuts & sleeves, pipe fittings, S.A.E. adapters, swivel adapters, tools & accessories.

This 21-page catalog covers Lenz's range of low pressure components such as reusable low-pressure hose fittings, oxygen & acetylene fittings, paint spray fittings, pipe fittings, connectors, nipples & bushings, joiners and hose stems for single fabric braid hoses.

This 24-page catalog features Lenz medium and high pressure 100 R5, 100 R1A, 100 R2A re-usable hose fittings, hose and hose assemblies.

This is current 2013 price for Lenz connectors. This price list includes the o-ring seal tube fitting, adapters, hose ends and low pressure brass products.This price was effective January 1 ,2013 and supersedes the LFC-112.

This is a 44-page book listing product weight in pounds for Hydraulic Filters & Strainers, Hydraulic Tank Accessories and Pressure Gauges.

This is a 4-page summary covering our fluid power and connector product ranges. The brochure gives an overview of the performance characteristics and key features engineered into our products.

A 60-page catalog covering the O-ring seal tube fittings including components and accessories, 37 degree flare tube fittings as well as nuts & sleeves , pipe fittings, S.A.E. adapters, swivel adapters, tools & accessories